SMA NYC's office in New York Flatiron district between Park Ave. and Lexington Ave. on 24th Street


SMA was founded in 1990 and re-founded in 2013.

Engage. Educate. Motivate.

B2B purchases are driven by the most complex dynamics in marketing. Cost is significant, professional anxiety is high, and evaluation is intense – more so now than ever before. SMA is an integrated all-media agency specializing in B2B sellers and buyers, and the communications strategies required to connect them.

Creativity without strategy will be ineffective. Strategy without creativity is talking to yourself.

  • Digital marketing and media

    Digital, Social & Offline Campaign Management, including Planning, Buying, Analytics, and Performance Optimization

  • Strategic planning and branding

    Communications Strategy and Architecture, Brand Positioning, Brand Identity, Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research, Product Planning, Target Segmentation, Site Analytics Assessment

  • Paid search and keyword buying

    Paid Search - Keyword Planning and Buying, Tracking and Conversion Management, KPI Optimization, Retargeting

  • Lead generation and customer journey

    Lead Generation and Nurturing Campaigns; Content Strategy, Development, and Production; Account Based Marketing; Marketing Automation Management, Mar-Tech Stack management; Response and Conversion Management

  • Content planning and optimization for social media

    Content Planning and Development, Page and Campaigns Management, Analytics and Optimization

  • Advertising and content development

    Campaign Development, Creative Concepting, Cross-Channel Integration Development & Production, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Digital White Papers, Press Release Writing & Distribution

  • TV commercials and social media assets

    TV Commercials, Short Form Digital/Social Video, Explainer Videos, Training Videos, Script Writing, After Effects & Post-Production Graphics, Sound Design

  • web design and development

    Site Architecture, Design, and Content Creation; UI/UX, Mobile Apps, Landing Pages, Microsites, SEO and Analytics implementation

  • OOH, collaterals, speechwriting, and event management

    Booth Design & Materials, Creative Conference Support, Theme Development,Speechwriting, Printed Collateral, Event Management

  • Full service advertising

    Research/Qualitative (Quantitative), Business Plan writing, Event Activation, and More. Almost Anything - Just ask.


All work and no play… well, you know.

  • Behind the scene on Kyocera tv commercial shoot.
  • Behind the scene on BDO tv commercial shoot.
  • Celebrating Bob Rose's birthday.
  • Volunteer work at Habitat for Humanity
  • Volunteer work at Habitat for Humanity
  • Company holiday cook out event.
  • Volunteer work at Habitat for Humanity
  • Holiday party after volunteer work at the Foodbank.
  • Holiday volunteer work at the Foodbank in Bronx.

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