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Even B2B purchasers live in a world beyond their work

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Hey B2B Marketer, Are You a Pivotal Purchase?

Are You Thinking About What Your Customers Are Thinking About?

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Holiday Gift Idea for B2B Marketers

Amazing Holiday Gift Idea for B2B Marketers

This holiday season give yourself the gift that keeps on giving.

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In-house Marketing and Other Dubious Ideas

On In-house Marketing and Other Dubious Ideas

A lot of marketers have moved or are considering moving their advertising, social media management, marketing data integration and content creation to in-house services.

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Each year SMA NYC volunteers in worthy causes in New York City.

Volunteering on Randall's Island

Recently some of the SMA crew went over to Randall's Island, picking up trash and clearing the local ecosystem.

What if Trump wrote ad copy? Professional insights and personal musings.

What if Trump Wrote Ad Copy?

In the late-stage marketing environment we now inhabit, companies struggle against a competitive sea of sameness, and in a media environment that allows audiences to avoid selling messages as if they were the Zika virus.

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On the highway to marketing heaven.

On the Highway to Marketing Heaven

My friend M says there are two lanes into heaven: the fast lane for people who view life through the lens of a greater context of being, and the regular lane for everyone else. This sounds pretty heavy but when she says it, it is not. Recognize that you are here as part of a bigger plan and you're eligible for the heavenly EZ Pass.

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Trump this. A lesson for marketers, and your career.

Trump this. A lesson for marketers, and your career.

How often does something really incredible happen? Probably more often than we acknowledge -- but before it’s over (and it will be soon), stop and appreciate this.

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Low agency morale and the beach ant

Low Agency Morale and the Beach Ant

Mmmmm the warm sun of Florida in January. There is something perversely pleasurable about absorbing the sunlight while knowing at home, up north, people are dark and cold, trudging around in coats and hats, if not housebound or stuck in their office.

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