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On the Highway to Marketing Heaven

By Bob Rose, President

My friend M says there are two lanes into heaven: the fast lane for people who view life through the lens of a greater context of being, and the regular lane for everyone else. This sounds pretty heavy but when she says it, it is not. Recognize that you are here as part of a bigger plan and you're eligible for the heavenly EZ Pass.

Okay, maybe this is B.S. but it got me thinking. Perhaps there are two lanes into heaven reserved just for marketing people.

If so, the fast lane through the pearly gates is reserved for marketing people...

...who just say what they mean without tired and pretentious jargon.

...who know that while collaboration will always be one of the joys of a life in marketing, great work always comes from self-expression.

...who, with a begrudging smile, see the merits of other people's work, even if it kind of torpedoes their own.

...who see that creativity without strategy is what kids do.

... who know that there is a fine but clear line between evolving an existing concept, and stealing an idea.

...who know that throwing a colleague under the bus should be avoided, unless they really deserve it.

...who know that marketing is selling by earning trust.

If one day you see me on one of the big lanes up there, hope you honk as you go by.

In the meantime, did I miss any?

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