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Amazing Holiday Gift Idea for B2B Marketers

By Bob Rose, President

This holiday season give yourself the gift that keeps on giving.

You’re in the business of helping other businesses, right?

You provide something special, something that gives your clients a clear advantage in serving their customers. It could be something you make and provide to them. Or, it could your brainpower and experience that helps guide them through choppy waters.

You make your customers smarter or faster or more efficient. You help them grow or operate more efficiently. They rely on you. Your business is pivotal to their success.

But what about your business?

Are you enjoying the best strategic thinking in your marketing? Are you getting the benefit of amazing creative that motivates new customers to give you call? And what about all that data? Who is helping you to make sense of it?

At SMA, we’ve made our business all about understanding companies like yours: Middle-market companies with excellent products in need of great marketing people and resources to help your company grow.

The annual crush of the holiday season is fully underway. This year, do something great for yourself! Think about hiring a fantastic new agency! Think about SMA.

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