Recruiting millennials is

a fundamentally different challenge than attracting clients. Take, for example, company culture – unlikely to be a major consideration for the institutional investors served by AQR, but perhaps the #1 factor for 20-somethings deciding where to begin their careers.

AQR Experience video using 'Show me, don't tell me' as a guiding principle.

The AQR Experience

“Show me, don’t tell me” is

a guiding principle in everything we do, and without doubt the only effective approach for conveying company culture. You can’t say “We’re fun! We’re interesting!” and expect anyone to believe it. You’ve got to show it… with content that itself is fun and interesting.

Using a variety of formats, content, and style to enhance recruitment videos for millennials.

The Big Decision

Visually, it’s critical

to feature a mix of formats, content, and styles. Each part is designed to share something important about AQR, while staying true to the realities of online attention-spans. Variety is king.

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