KDA 'Most Important Document' ad campaign to tick through various industries for b2b market.

What's Your Most Important Document?

Rational benefits rarely

are the basis for compelling creative. This is certainly true for MFPs – copiers, to laypeople – despite their technological triumphs, five-figure price tags, and constant use in offices everywhere. At the start of the buy-cycle, it’s about cutting through the clutter and building positive perception, and ticking through product features just doesn’t cut it.

SMA NYC's b2b approach to vertical markets with tv commercials to approach various industries.

What's Your Most Important Document?

Documents matter.

The global market for MFPs and printers is over $50B. Why? Because documents are essential to every business, every organization, and the professional lives of the people within them. The spots themselves are powerful in their simplicity. That’s what happens when the insight is strong.

How to get viewers on YouTube with effective videos? These social media and pre-roll videos gained notice on the internet.

What's Your Most Important Document?

700,000+ hits on YouTube

may well be a record for a copier commercial. The Most Important Document campaign ran for 3 years around the world, in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Japanese, and included industry-specific pool-outs.